Keaton Henson concert in Vienna 30.01.17

I've never received as many requests to make a publish all the photos from a particular concert. Keaton Henson, a British singer-songwriter, has one of the strongest fan bases I've ever seen. On 30.01.17 he played an hour-long sold out show in Vienna Konzerthaus, which is a very beautiful (read - fancy) place and it was my first time there. Vienna Konzerthaus doesn't usually allow photographers inside, they find them very distracting, but for some reason they decided to give me a photo pass. I was thy only photographer there and it felt weird yet amazing. But back to…


March and April wrap up

I’m writing this blog post while seating at the Vienna International Airport waiting for my plane to Berlin. This is the first opportunity for me to sit down, exhale and get into writing. Life has been hectic the past days, but let me first tell you about my portrait studies.

Email | Instagram | TwitterПишу цей допис, поки чекаю на свій літак до Берлінa у віденському аеропорті. Це перша можливість присісти, видихнути і взятись знов за писання за останні декілька місяців. Життя було трохи хаотичним останні декілька тижні, але давайте я вам перш розповім про с…