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10 resources for photographers to stay updated and motivated

There is a huge variety photography magazines which you can buy or read online, but most of them focus of technical side, macro, landscape and equipment, which are the topics out of my interest zone. I'm always looking for websites/resources where photography is skillfully combined with storytelling and photographer's personality, where you can learn photography and current news, get inspired and motivated to pursue personal projects. So here are my top ten websites which I would highly recommend to all my friends interested in photography.
1. ISO 1200 is an amazing video blog which has everything you could ever need - from backstage cover shoots videos to tutorials and DIYs. I've been following it for years and I refer to it every time I need an inspiration kick.

2. Fotografia Magazine has a great monthly selection of photography competitions and grants you can apply for. Also, fantastic photography articles from all around the world.

3. World Photography Magazine is compiled by World Photography Organization and contains stories and pictures of Sony World Photography Awards winners. I love reading stories behind projects and assignments photographers do. They give much more sense and depth to the pictures. You can read it online for free.

4. Skillshare is my dream-coming-true resource for photographers. I honestly started jumping when I discovered it. Skillshare has lots of short online courses from famous and less famous but not less skillful photographers, designers, entrepreneurs. If you don't know where to start, or you are in the middle of a creative block - head to Skillshare and start working on a photography assignment. You can see the projects I created for some classes here and here

5. Cereal Magazine is an incredibly beautiful minimalistic travel magazine all photographers are looking out for. If you haven't had a chance to hold this masterpiece in your hands, there is a bunch of no-less beautiful stories with pictures on their website. Also, I absolutely enjoyed the Filler interwiew with Cereal creator Rosa Park.

6. Talenthouse is another photographers, artists, designers and video makers dream-coming true. It collects creative invites from famous brands and artists, and provides opportunities for people all over the world to work with prominent companies and initiatives.

7. Creative Live is a place where you can watch a photography workshop for free. Make sure to check the start-time and match it with your time zone. I loved watching Lara Jade an Joye L. there.

8. You can never feel uninspired if you have a pile of Photography TED Talks by your side. These talks reassured me that photography can serve a lot of great purposes and influence our history and the way we see things. 

9. Sidetracked is another travel photography magazine, with a little more wild approach and great stories, which you can read online or buy at the local stockist.

10. Creative Market gives photographers an opportunity to sell their pictures at the price they choose. Creative Market deducts 30% off each of your sale. So far it is the most easy-to-use photography stock I've used. The only issue - you can receive money via PayPal only. My shop

I hope this blog post was of some use to you. If you particularly enjoyed one of the above mentioned resources or you want to add to the list - leave it in the comments!

photography: Iryna Yeroshko

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