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February wrap up

I'm so blessed! Also, extremely late for this blog up - gonna do this anyway. The thing is, I'm so busy right now - but I still want to keep the memories of beginning my life in Vienna and studying at the best possible school in the world. Let's get into it, shall we?

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In February a new semester has started for me (I know it's weird for the university students to hear, but hey - we're are in college, things are different (less lazy) here)). Our main subject last semester was a documentary photography, this semester - studio shoots, which is split into portrait and still life ones.

As might tell by the pictures - we have a lot of fun during our studio classes. Die Graphische has all the possible light for you to play with, and our teacher (whom I love) lets us do anything. 

Also, I started a person project as a part of my studio portraiture class, but also for my personal creative development - 100 Strangers. A separate blog post about it is coming you way, for now you can follow it on Facebook and Flickr.

Skryabin, Bandershtat fectival

There two new vlogs, If you missed the latest two vlogs, here they are. If you don't want to miss them again - subsribe to my YouTube :)

I've added a new album to my website called 'Artists' - a pile of concert photography and portraits of creative people I shot over the years. I can't believe I shot all of those people. Being behind the scenes is my thing, I loved it since I was kid performing in a dance band. Missing those times.

As a side note, we survived winter! I've never been so excited for spring, so much awesomeness is going to happen (God's willing) and I just feel really blessed, supported, motivated, healthy and loved. Just wanted to write it here as a reminder when the darker days come. Stay tuned for more updates!