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Keaton Henson concert in Vienna 30.01.17

I've never received as many requests to make a publish all the photos from a particular concert. Keaton Henson, a British singer-songwriter, has one of the strongest fan bases I've ever seen. On 30.01.17 he played an hour-long sold out show in Vienna Konzerthaus, which is a very beautiful (read - fancy) place and it was my first time there. Vienna Konzerthaus doesn't usually allow photographers inside, they find them very distracting, but for some reason they decided to give me a photo pass. I was thy only photographer there and it felt weird yet amazing. But back to Keaton Henson.

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March and April wrap up

I’m writing this blog post while seating at the Vienna International Airport waiting for my plane to Berlin. This is the first opportunity for me to sit down, exhale and get into writing. Life has been hectic the past days, but let me first tell you about my portrait studies.

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Пишу цей допис, поки чекаю на свій літак до Берлінa у віденському аеропорті. Це перша можливість присісти, видихнути і взятись знов за писання за останні декілька місяців. Життя було трохи хаотичним останні декілька тижні, але давайте я вам перш розповім про свої портретні студії.

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Matt Corby's show in Vienna

Being a concert photographer doesn't only mean work till past midnight, it also gives you an opportunity have the best spot for dancing. If you never heard Matt Corby - go and listen to him. His album 'Telluric' just came out and it's gonna go big.

I had so little space to shoot so I had to come up with something. I was peaking with my camera through little holes in equipment and played with available light.

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Бути концертним фотографом - це не тільки робота до опівночі, а й можливість мати найкраще місце, щоб танцювати. Якщо ви ще ніколи не чули Мета Корбі - зробіть це зараз. Він щойно випустив свій дебютний альбом, і зовсім скоро він посяде найркащі місця в чартах.

В мене було дуже мало місця для зйомки, тому доводилось щось вигадувати. Я просовувала камеру у маленькі проміжки між технікою і гралась з наявним світлом.

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Movies for photographers

I've always wanted to do a video talking about movies for photographer because these are the ones I enjoy watching. One day I just came home and thought: today is the day. So I sat down and filmed it. Let me know what you think!

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February wrap up

I'm so blessed! Also, extremely late for this blog up - gonna do this anyway. The thing is, I'm so busy right now - but I still want to keep the memories of beginning my life in Vienna and studying at the best possible school in the world. Let's get into it, shall we?

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January wrap-up (and Enjoyments)

I had to sit down and finally write this post otherwise I wouldn’t get a restful sleep. I decided to combine it with the so-called Enjoyments (totally stolen from Charlie McDonnel’s video) and share things I liked and/or discovered in January. Since I haven’t done much photography, I thought I would be a good idea to fill this post with something more informative.

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Aikido training

My dad asked me once, when I came back to my hometown for Christmas holidays: "Would you like to go on a training with me?" At first a regular human-girl voice within me said: "Nah, not interested", but then a photographer's voice woke up: "Wait a minute, I can shoot that". I wish my photographer's voice would always wake up first.

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December wrap up

There is no better time to write a December wrap-up than sitting in café 4 hours before boarding a plane, am I right? Quite frankly, I can hardly remember what I did in December, except going to school, taking pictures and going to church on Sundays, hence the lateness of this letter.

One of these December highlights was hosting my dear friend from Berlin - Varya. We haven’t seen each in other for a year, and God only knows when we will meet again, but she and her husband played a huge role in my dream-coming-true of studying photography in Vienna, and they continue supporting and encouraging me through this journey, which I really appreciate.

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Streets within us

Streets are extensions of us.

We go outside to explore, to recharge, to get inspired, to get lost and get found again.

Every time I feel stuck - I go outside with my camera, and I'm no longer worried or anxious. I just observe and shoot whatever catches my eye. I also go outside when it's cold and raining, when I don't feel like shooting at all - that is when I take my best shots.

Shooting streets is my workout for the eye, and a bit for my body as well. I'm not good at it yet, I learn as I go down the street.

*All pictures were taken in Vienna during October - December 2015.

** Переклад українською нижче

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Advent in Vienna

Last year was my first time experiencing Christmas market in Hamburg and I was amazed. Somehow Christmas markets are not very common in Ukraine, while in Austria it's a really big thing. Lots of lights, all kinds of decorations, mulled wine and punsch everywhere, cheerful kids with parents and very festive atmosphere in general. I was really happy to share my first Vienna Christmas market (am Spittelberg)-experience with Varya, my friend from Berlin who was visiting me at that time, because otherwise I wouldn't enjoy it. In places like these I get homesick, maybe that's why after that night I haven't been to any so far :) Anyway, no matter where you are in the world, what kind of weather is around or whether you celebrate Christmas or not - I hope you'll get a cozy and festive feeling after reading/watching this blog post.

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First days in Vienna VLOG

Finally, all I've been talking about for the rest two months over my social media: Traveling from Ukraine to Austria by car with my awesome parents, settling and the first day at school - in a video form.

November wrap up

November was incredibly warm and sunny weather-wise, but still quite stressful. Despite that, we'll try to focus on the positive here and reflect on all the good things that happened in my life this month. I would be very curious to read about your November experiences in the comments below!

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First snow

We all love experiencing the first snow - the beginning for a new season, the excitement of upcoming holidays and a new color addition to our routines. I love waking up and seeing snow outside, especially the first one - because then I feel like Kevin from “Home Alone” and I just want to scream “It's Christmaaaas!”. When I was in Ulm, Germany, I woke up early and went for a walk with my camera to depict beautiful peaceful streets with a slight snow later and cosy private porches. These pictures remind me of that morning and make me feel so warm and peaceful, and I hope you will feel the same way.

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Weekend in Ulm

Yesterday I arrived in Ulm, Germany, to visit my dear Ukrainian friend Oksana, who has moved here little more than a month ago to work as a volunteer, just when I moved to Vienna. It's the first proper weekend for me in a while, and it feels so-o-o goo-o-d. We climbed the highest church in the world, which is apparently situated in Ulm, and is called Ulm Münster - definitely the highlight of this year for me. And today I went for the most beautiful morning walk to shoot the first snow, but the pictures from this one you'll see in the next blog post.

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